Pixel Magician and Image Agent

Pixel Magician and Image Agent are advanced image conversion applications for the NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP operating systems. Convert to and from all the popular image file formats. Supported formats include: TIFF, GIF, PICT, PCX, JPEG, TARGA, FAX, PS, EPS, Windows BMP, Sun Raster, IFF, MacPaint, PXM, PNM, XBM and others.

Pixel Magician's intuitive user interface makes it easy to perform high fidelity image conversions. Use the automated capabilities of the Convert window to view, scale, rotate and quantize an entire directory of images with a single mouse click.

Image Agent can also be used to perform in-line image filtering for any application which supports NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP image filter services, e.g., web browsers, mail applications etc.

Mass Image Conversion Image Viewing
Variable Image Resolutions Color Quantization/Dithering
Flexible Output Options Multi-Page/Multi-Rep. Support
Alpha Channel Support PostScript to Raster

Pixel Magician and Image Agent require NEXTSTEP 3.x or OPENSTEP 4.x operating systems. Architectures supported: Intel and Motorola

Download a FREE one user network floating license version of Pixel Magician (v1.41e) and Image Agent (v1.2e) ... PM-IA.tar.gz (Size: 3.84MB).